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A person who has inspired me the most is Hazel Grace Lancaster, from the novel The fault in our stars. She is 17 years old. She is a completely normal girl, except for the fact that she has been fighting cancer for almost 5 years. What you probably didnt know is that she got sick at the age of 13. The doctors were pessimistic about her future and they immediately allerted her parents that she would live for only few weeks, in the best case scenario, a few months. Those low chances gave her a special strength, which helped her get through the disease. You won't be surprised to hear that her adolescence was very complicated and different from the adolescence of her friends. Because of her disease she had to be careful in choosing activities to do. Her lungs were weak and she wasn't capable of managing stressful situations and take part in teenage sports like volleyball, basketball or maybe dance.

Did you know that she was a bit depressed her whole life, because she was different from normal teenagers? The reason I've chosen her is because I admire her strength and her persistence in trying to live a normal life. I'm sure you'll agree that is very difficult to feel like a normal person or to live like a normal person while someone is constantly reminding you of the fact that you're sick. You might not know that even though all the doctors were against her going to Amsterdam, she was ready to defy the doctors who were certain that the trip was a bad idea because of her deteriorating health.

In conclusion I would just like to say once more that I look up to her because, even though she has flaws and virtues like everybody else, she's really sincere and noble because she sees the best in people and I aspire to be like that.


Kris Dragičević IIIa



A person who inspired you

It is true that there are many people who can inspire and motivate us in becoming better versions of ourselves, but on the other side, comparison is the thief of happiness, so I thought: if I have a role model I will always try to compare myself to it. The consequence will be the realisation I haven't accomplished anything yet and I'll feel like a loser.

These thoughts came to my mind while I was struggling in my attempt of finding a role model. All of a sudden, scrolling through my news feed on Facebook I came across an article about the Buddha's statue, in which it had been discovered it actually contained his mummified body. I thought it was no big deal since Buddha never meant anything significant to me.

After I've started searching for information about his life I came to the conclusion this chubby guy must have been rather thoughtful and sensitive. He was a prince and owned three palaces, and since his father was overprotective and always spared him all the hurtful and unpleasant things in general, he never really knew how pain felt like. Until one day he saw an old man, and he was really surprised because he didn't even know that all people are supposed to age. His curiosity led him on many trips, outside his comfort zone, the palace. He met all kind of people: among them there was a diseased man and an ascetic. Buddha was so afraid of death that he understood material wealth was the least important thing and decided to detach from everything material, searching for his inner peace. He meditated a lot, and changed his whole perspective, becoming a wise and compassionate individual; not even death scared him anymore because he realised he had nothing to lose. Although I'm not a Buddhist and I don't think it is necessarily bad if we enjoy in material things, it's important to know that we are much more than that. Buddha understood it and that's what really inspired me.

Ileana Merdzo IIIa

River Phoenix

Today I'll be talking about the actor River Phoenix.
What do you already know about him?Probably nothing but it doesn't matter.You'll find out now.
He was born in Oregon on August 23rd 1970.He was named River after the “river of life” from Herman Hesse’s novel “Siddartha” and Jude after The Beatles’ song “Hey Jude”.
He was discovered by a kids agent while busking with his 4 siblings.At first he was acting in commercials and TV shows only.His first big role was in the science fiction movie “Explorers”.

You might not know that the movie which made him  a household name was the 1986 coming of age drama “Stand by Me”.
Throughout his career he won many important awards and he was nominated for an Academy Award at the age of 18.
Knowing me and my taste in actors and musicians,you won’t be surprised to hear that he died young.In fact,he died in the midst of filming the movie “Dark Blood” which was unfinished for 19 years.
And were you aware that he wasn’t just an actor,he was in a band too,called Aleka’s Attic.
He  was a dedicated animal rights,environmental and political activist too alongside with being a vegan throughout the whole of his life.Because of that he was nicknamed the “Hollywood golden boy”.
Sadly,he wasn’t really living up to his nickname as he overdosed at the age of 23 on October 31st 1993.
Maybe you’re wondering why I chose him,such a great actor and musician but also such a fragile person who couldn’t take the pressure of Hollywood.Well,the reason I did is because,even though he died over 20 years ago,he should still be remembered for the things he did in his short but great career.
I’m sure you’ll agree that some people have that special something that urges others to notice it and because of that they can never fade away.He had just that.

Karin Antonaz IIIa

Shakespeare lives on!

Shakespeare lives on!

Betty and Tom's relationship
Was a fool's paradise
It was based solely
On rumours and lies

They loved each other dearly
At least that's what people told
But everyone in this world knows
That all that glitters is not gold

They wanted their love story
To be fancy free
But there was something that Betty
Couldn't quite see

Tom gave her a foul play
And it was a sorry sight
She caught him cheating on her
With her best friend the other night

At one fell swoop
She started crying
She realized that all this time
He had been lying

Everything she did
Was to his heart's content
But when he told her he loved her
It wasn't really what he meant

As dead as a door-nail
Is how she feels now
The curtains have closed
And she's finally taken a bow

Elena Smirčić  IVa

My favourite painter

Frankly speaking, my fascination with art is relatively basic; I have more of an interest than the person next door, but it doesn’t stretch particularly far. I appreciate artistic talent, but I’m not to spend 5 minutes looking at every painting in a gallery trying to sound as if I knew something about them. However, if I had to choose my favourite painter it would definitely be Joseph Mallord William Turner, an Englishman who lived in the late 18th and early 19th century. We could easily say that he was a controversial landscape painter of the nineteenth century.

I must admit that I didn’t like him that much at first, but then I came across The rainbow and the Ivy bridge. The first painting is practically explained by the title. There is some grass and a breath-taking rainbow surrounded by different shades of blue and orange. On the other hand, the second one, is almost totally opposed to the first. We can see a bridge, under which there is blue streaming water. The trees add an almost peaceful effect to the whole artwork, obviously helped by the three ducks happily swimming and the picnic basket lying near the shore.

In conclusion, I like Turner very much and I think it would be beautiful if we had an exhibition about his works.


Miriam Herceg, IIm

Franka's wonderful poems

In the Memory of I don't Wanna Remember

In the memory of

the sleepless nights

lying in bed restless

overthinking life

Kidding myself into thinking

that I'm okay

I stopped crying

long ago

Out of tears to spill

the beautiful image

of jumping from bridges

still in my head

In the memory of

I don't wanna remember



Life Expectations are Overrated

so now we’re on our own

he didn’t leave you

he left me

we fought for it

we tried

it didn’t work

broken children

broken dreams

I’m sorry

and it’s not your fault

how can I stop this screaming

in my head this is different

this isn’t a bridge I burned

this is an explosion I watched happen

in slow motion

words stuck on my tongue

like an itch I can’t scratch

now I’m just another kid

from a broken home



Swimming With Bricks Tied to My Feet

Don’t turn on the light

I know I said I won’t cry

But I just might

I’m giving up the firght

Don’t look at me break

It’s not a pretty sight

I’ve climbed the mountain

And reached the perfect height

I’m gonna spread my wings

But I won’t survive the flight


Franka Simčić Ia

The seven ages of (wo)man

The seven ages of (wo)man


INFANTS – girls this age basically act the same as boys: they cry, play, eat, poop. It’s the perfect life! All they need to do is grow, getting bigger and bigger by the month

SCHOOLGIRLS – ah, the wonderful age of puberty! Mood swings, hormones raging, hair in all the places, some parts of their body getting too big while other parts never seem to be big enough for them. I really don’t envy girls for what they have to go through in this age.

LOVERS – finished school, a career is in order. Or a family. Heck, why not both? Modern girls definitely can manage both and should have all the support from their partners. In this age women are basically preparing to be the best colleagues and mothers out there.  

SOLDIERS – whether it’s writing a report they’ve been asked for way too late or rushing to pick up their kids from football practice, women seem to manage to do it all. They bring harmony and effectiveness wherever they go, for the small price of a few gentle words and a couple of gifts on their birthday and women’s day. Again, women prove to be gr8. The downside? They start feeling tired by the end of the day.

JUSTICE – in this stage women have to manage teenagers at home, besides for the poopy boss they have at work. A smile never leaves their face though, and they keep on fighting day after day. But, they’re not so young anymore and they either can’t sleep at night or feel pain somewhere. Or both.

PANTALOON – who doesn’t like grandmas? The transition from hot mom to best grandma is over now and women enjoy their well deserved retirement and cooking for their grandchildren. Grandpa doesn’t mind the cooking either!

SECOND CHILDISHNESS – the only stage of life that is likely to be bad. Women are more likely to be hit by different forms of dementia, a pretty unfair trait to have after improving so much the lives of the people they love. So girls, when you start getting older, remember to get checked every once in a while.


Enea Dessardo IIIa

The seven ages of (wo)man

The infant age, well, I'm born. I see the world for the first time with my eyes after the nine-month journey in my mother's belly. Such a pity, it was really comfortable and cosy. I don't know if I'm prepared to face the "real" world, which to me seems like a new, undiscovered dimension. So far I'm doing well I think, I just cry, eat and puke. They take care of me and I can't do anything. Later on, when I am able to walk I play with my toys such as cars or helicopters. Perhaps this world isn't that bad after all.

School-boy age, I start going to school, obviously. School seems fun at first, like an amazing place where you can learn everything you want, but when I get used to it, it gets boring and annoying. Instead of studying I spend my free time on facebook and playing videogames. During weekends I go out with my friends. When hitting the early puberty we discover something called alcohol and a plant that puts us all in a joyful and careless mood. I still think girls suck and I don't understand how can my buddies have a crush.

When I reach the Lover's age I'm still young, but old enough to fall in love. There's this pretty girl that uploads very nice selfies on facebook and instagram. I click "like" on all of them. I hope she doesn't think I'm stalking her, I just want her to notice me. I even commented on one of her pictures, but she hasn't replied I'm so depressed.

In the next age I become an arrogant, cocky bastard. It's the Soldier's age. I'm full of myself and think I'm on top of the world. I can do everything just because people consider me mature enough to take responsibility of my actions. That's probably the age when I'll get a wife. I mean, look at me, I'm so handsome.

But after this age of full-blossom, I understand that nothing lasts forever. So I better quote a verse from the Bible which, from my point of view, describes the next age, the Justice's, perfectly: "Life is fleeting, like a passing mist. It is like trying to catch hold of a breath;All vanishes like a vapor; everything is a great vanity" I have kids and I have to teach them life, the most difficult subject they may encounter. I represent some kind of authority even though there are still situations that I'm not capable to handle or don't know how to react to. Sometimes a horrible thought, a little voice crosses my mind, telling me I'm not a good father. But, every doubt vanishes when I get back from work and my kids welcome me with a strong hug. These are the real life's accomplishments.

The sixth age (pantaloon), well, what can I say about this one? I'm getting weaker and older. My children grew up and my wife and I start feeling miserable. My wife keeps whining about her wrinkles, even though she's still beautiful to me. Also, my back is starting to hurt and my eye-sight it getting worse. This age leads right into the next one, the Old one. I'm a happy grandfather with my grandchildren, I love telling them stories from my youth. Although my health is getting worse I can still consider myself a happy man, as long as my children and grandchildren are content. My wife and I, from the two immature lovers we were once, are now wise people, full of experience. Even though our strength, our energy, our life is slowly yet fluidly fading away, we love giving advice and helping others while we still can.    

Ileana Merdžo IIIa


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